Cash for content: new Intel microgrants for your curriculum!

Cash for content: new Intel microgrants for your curriculum!

Hey folks,
just a reminder that Intel is making cash grants for sharing curriculum youre probably writing or revising already. When you apply for a Microgrant, you submit a short proposal for what you intend to do: you dont actually share the content itself until later, after youve completed writing or revising it.

The next few Microgrants have specific, targeted content requirements, and they go by fast! For instance, you have until end of day September 30th, 2011, to submit a curriculum or class proposal on Septembers topic: Data Structures.

This means if youre working on course material that demonstrates how your students can learn to effectively implement Data Structures in their parallel code, September is your month to submit! Coursewares for other topics, such as Patterns and Algorithms will follow later in the year.

Microgrants are given in amounts up to $5000 USD. If you've been wondering how to get some financial help to modernize your course material, there is no time like the present. You can find full details for the current grant (as well as all future grants) and a link to submit your proposals here:

Check back monthly and be sure to submit before the deadlines!


Jdg, the Intel Manycore Testing Lab Program Manager

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