MPI and SSE and searches

MPI and SSE and searches

Does the MTL allow MPI yet ? I would like to try out my SSE based code and compare it to my openMP results, especially with the new 40 core upgrade. I have relativley morecontrol over the core allocation with MPI than openMP and would find it easier to implement the SSE bits.

Is there a way to search only the MTL forum threads with the Intel forum search device? When using the search all forums are allocated in a list. This search list does not include the MTL. When doing a search the results from all forums are returned.

Am I looking at this correctly ?

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Currently there are no plans to support MPI or adistributed memory cluster on the MTL.

I found another similar Nehalem and ran a few tests with the MPI version. To make it a bit more interesting I have included a GPU comparison as well and have made a little graph as in the link below. The comparison shows the effect of the SSE.

I would have expected a slight dip in the openMP and MPI curves near 8 cores where the memory bandwidth bottlenecking has a slight effect.

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