any process limits: time? disk space? memory?

any process limits: time? disk space? memory?

Hello all,I can launch my program in batch, using qsub and a small instance terminates fine and gives good results.When I scale up my problem, and it takes longer than about 5 minutes, it seems to end at about that time.I hope there is no time limit right?Another minor problem also occured once, when I got/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/12681.acaad01.SC: line 5: 31151 Bus error /home/sels/projects/KUL/RhinoCeros/retime/Debug/retime 0[sels@acano01 Debug]$while writing a few files of between 10 and 100 MBytes.Would that be a problem? disabled these file writes and could then go on.)How can one see and debug what happened/went wrong on a batch computer?eg: out of memory/disk full/dmesg/....How much memory do the batch computers have?cheers,Peter

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The default batch walltime limit is set to 10 minutes, see the Getting Started Guide on how to extend this "Walltime"

Writing large data files (many MBs)should not be a problem.

The physical memory size on the batch computers is 64GB whereas the login node it's 256GB

To debug a completed batch run (whether it completed sucessfully or failed), use:


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