Bus Error on writing some files

Bus Error on writing some files

Hello,When looking at the log of my job submitted to batch server 03,I found this error. It crashed when writing some megabytes of files.$ moreretime2log.o12681exportFile1 ...exportFile1 doneexportFile2 .../var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/12681.acaad01.SC: line 5: 31151 Bus error /home/sels/projects/KUL/RhinoCeros/retime/Debug/retime 0[sels@acano01 Debug]$exportModelAsMpsFileexportModelAsMpsFile doneexportModelAsLpFile/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/12681.acaad01.SC: line 5: 31151 Bus error /home/sels/projects/KUL/RhinoCeros/retime/Debug/retime 0[sels@acano01 Debug]$Is there a write size limit or so?Also are files that the queued process writes out, simply visible where I start the job?(My process normally just writes them in the current directory but I don't see any.Only the log retime2log.o12681 is there.)If not, where to find them?cheers,Peter

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There are currently no imposedlimits on the writesize of the PBS generated output files.

It is strongly suggested that you include the full path of any code or data-sets that you plan to run with PBS, rather than relying on "current directory" if you're having these kinds of issues.

For futher information on running PBS scripts and possible errors, please check-out the on-line PBS user guide in /opt/docs

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