HOWTO: Access local net while on Intel VPN

HOWTO: Access local net while on Intel VPN


FYI, I have VNC and XMing working 100%. With the posts on the forum it's dead easy to set up. XMing is slow over long distances (I am in South Africa, even with 4mbps ADSL the latency makes X almost unbearable).

VNC is slightly faster because it only sends screen updates, and has the added advantage of persistent sessions - if the nodes aren't bounced while you are offline, your desktop will still be as you left it when you disconnected VNC. For the "purists", XMing does full XServer rendering on your remote PC, which is quite nice, but has no session persistence.

Anyone that wants a very easy way to set up a VPN in windows can route both to Intel MTL as well as the rest of the 'net at the same time, please reply to this thread. This solution involves no scripts or manual routing, just a free non-Cisco client and some extra configuration in the client.

I'm not posting details here since I'm not sure if Intel may not want this for some (security) reasons. I'd appreciate someone to respond on the official policy please.

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