An Intel Microgrant application can be as simple as one paragraph!

An Intel Microgrant application can be as simple as one paragraph!

Hello Team Intel Manycore Testing Lab,

Im starting a whole second thread on this topic because it is totally worth making sure the point is well understood in the Manycore Testing Lab community.

Applying for an Intel Microgrant is a very quick, very simple process. In fact, it can be as short as writing a single paragraph and submitting it. Folks, this is for money in your pocket to help you do work you are probably planning to do anyway.

Please, if you have NOT yet considered applying for a Microgrant to help you get more (or better!) parallelism materials into your own classrooms and in front of your students, consider applying today!

You can read another forum thread on Microgrants here, including the current deadlines:

Or, you can just go right now and apply for your own Microgrant:

(By the way, applying in time for the next round of Microgrants guarantees your inclusion for the next round that follows.)



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One week left to get applications in for cash to support your work! Final deadline for the microgrants is June1, midnight PDT! Several of the winners from the earlier rounds either already were using the Manycore Testing Lab or have plans to use it soon. Most of the folks on this list have already done the work... Take the extra step today to a) get credit for it, b) get extra funding to see it published and shared with your peers around the world. As Jeff already said, entering is pretty easy to do and we'd love to be able to extend this program due to overwhelming interest from the community!You can see the first six winners and get more information onentering here.

Hope to see some of you on my list!
Jen Teal Levine, Academic Community Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

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