2011 Intel Microgrant Awards: apply today!

2011 Intel Microgrant Awards: apply today!

Hello Intel Manycore Testing Lab forum readers!

Whether you are using the Manycore Testing Lab now, or you have in the past, or youre just deciding whether (or not) its for you, I wanted you to know about a great opportunity that Intel has running right now for its Academic Community.

If you are including parallel programming in your current curriculum, or, if you hope to modify your materials to include parallelism, then you need to check out the Intel Microgrant Award page, here:


Anyone can enter, and multiple entries are actually encouraged. (All the details are at the URL.) Why should you apply for a Microgrant? (Im glad you asked!) You should apply because after you do, youre eligible to win a grant up to 1500.00 USD to help you with your parallelism curriculum and plans!

Lets say youre planning on modifying one of your classroom examples to include parallelism up to 40 cores or 80 threads, and maybe you just cant afford that student researcher who could nail it down in just a few weeks. If you apply for and receive a Microgrant, problem solved!

Or maybe you havent had a chance to check your most recent parallelism examples on a system with more than 2 or 4 cores. How does your example scale to the kinds of CPUs (40 cores and up!) that your students will be expected to work on when they graduate and get jobs? Why not let Intel help pay for your research, as well as provide the Manycore Testing Lab to do the heavy lifting with regard to the true scalability your classroom parallelism solutions, homework, exemplars, and capstones? And not just test, but, actuallyimprove the scalability of your classroom materials.

Its a perfect combination: Intels Academic Community, its Microgrant Award program, and the Intel Manycore Testing Lab.

The winners of the first round of Microgrants have already been announced, BUT YOU ARE NOT TOO LATE to enroll for the second and third rounds. (Those deadlines are respectively May 4 and June 1, 2011.) Click on the above URL and apply: tell us how we can help you today!

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