Having trouble getting VNC to work

Having trouble getting VNC to work

I am trying to remote into the login node using VNC (specifically Real VNC and Ultra VNC).I am using Putty for ssh tunneling.With Real VNC I get "read: connection reset by peer (10054)" after entering my password.With Ulra VNC I get "Write extract: Socket error while writing"I am using "L5901 localhost:5900" as my tunneling parameters for putty. My understanding is that this means that if I VNC into localhost:5901 I will get forwarded to 5900 on the login node.Are there any detailed instructions available for this.Thanks.

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Please check out this MTL forum posting, it provides a step-by-step guide. Basically you should have the same port number in your tunneling parametersas your VNC server displaynumber.


Alternatively you could try Xming - it's much easier to set up.

hi, exist the best software called team viewer, this software permit you connect remotely in real time, is very complete and it's have functions how video call, conference inter alia.... i hope this information will be useful with you to help...


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