Upgraded systems on the MTL - now with 40-cores

Upgraded systems on the MTL - now with 40-cores

So you thought that your application or lab scaled effectively with 32-cores. Now the MTL has available 40-core systems for your use - why not see ifyour codescales to 40-cores.

Thesenew systems consist of10-core CPUs (Intel Xeon E7-4860)on a 4 socketserver thus giving 40-cores on all the Linux systems.

Note: all batch nodes are currently configured with Hyperthreading off.

If you need access to these new systems, pleasecomplete a requestby filling outthe usualform: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-manycore-testing-lab-requ...

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That's fantastic news! At the risk of sounding stupid in public, what processor configuration is in this new machine? I didn't even know it was possible to put together a 40-core machine...

The systems consist of the recently announced 10-core (codename) Westmere-EX processors

Dear Mike,This is awesome. I can not wait to test my applications on this machine. I have a small question though - Is HT and Turbo Boost off here? I know you recently had it turned off on MTL I only wonder if that applies to these systems as well. Thank you.- Dinesh

I don't quite understand your question....

All batch nodes on the MTL have Turbo Boost and HT turned off. As this system (40-core)is configured as a batch node on the MTL, the same applies.

I hope that clears up and confusion

Thank you Mike. I was confused because I was not sure if the upgrade to 40-core system happened after the decision to turn turbo boost off was made.

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