Acknowledging the Intel Manycore Testing Lab in your publications

Acknowledging the Intel Manycore Testing Lab in your publications

Dear Intel Manycore Testing Lab users,

When you are reporting your parallelism and concurrency results in white papers, presentations, documents, books, blogs, forums, capstones, or any other published method of sharing your findings, we prefer that you include two specific URLs with your acknowledgment.

In some cases, including the URLs in the references sections of your monograph might be more appropriate than in the thank you section itself. We encourage you to use this acknowledgement:

Thanks to the management, staff, and facilities of the Intel Manycore Testing Lab.


Intel Software Network:

Of course as always you should feel free to also thank any individuals with whom you may have worked if you feel they were instrumental to your goals in a major way.

When in doubt, use the above sentence and two URLs, and youll be all set.


The Intel Manycore Testing Lab team

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Just to let you know that this accreditation is not falling on deaf ears. I have acknowledged the MTL in two conference publications at the end of last year and the start of this year. I put together one HPC/openMP course and used the MTL for this.

People in general seemed unaware of the existence of the intel MTL and were very surprised that it has been around for many months. My forum consists of mainly central and north European academics.

Thanks for sharing this awesome technology, which is not taken for granted.

Thanks so much for letting us know! We really appreciate you sharing this information with your peers and I'm glad to hear that you've had such a good experience! If you haven't already submitted your materials for posting on the Intel Academic Community Educational Exchange, I hope you'll consider either posting them with us or allowing us to link to them! Again, we appreciate the feedback!

Jennifer Teal Levine
Academic Community Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

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