How to apply for access to MTL

How to apply for access to MTL

Today I registered and got a account,but when I tried this link:

,it failed. The content is "Sorry, you do not have permissions to view or edit this article. If you are not logged in to the Intel Software Network site, please login or register now. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at:"

but I already loginned.

Could you tell me how to sovle this problem?

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I'm moving this to our Catchall forum.

I have recently tested the site and did not have an issue when I log on. Please try again and if the issue persists, please email me at will need you to send us more information such as the following:

1. Types and versions of your operating system and browser, and

2. Where you are attempting to link from.

If you have questions or require further assistance, please let me know.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

I have similar issue, i've just sent e-mail to support

To request access to the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, you have to be a member of the Intel Academic Community. It's fast and free to join:

If you *are* already a member of the Intel Academic Community, make sure you're logged in before going to the Request Access link.

If you are already a member, and, you are sure you're logged in, make sure you're logged in using the same email address that you provided when you joined the Academic Community. We see a lot of cases here where people forget which of their 3 or 4 personal and professional email addresses they used.

Of course, you can always write for help and advice!



I was running into the same trouble. This requirement wasn't immediately clear to me, and it may help many others if you either mention the requirement in the error message people cite above or clarify the requirement on the main MTL page.

I see now that it shows up as a small tooltip of sorts when you hover over the "request access" button, but if one is about to click on the button, this is fleeting and easy to miss. Nothing at all shows up with the "Join Now" button.



Good suggestion Mark!I'll run this issue and your suggestion past the web guys here.

For now, let's recap. If you're having troublerequesting access to the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, you should be a member of ISN (first and foremost, since it's the only way to access the Academic Community), and secondly, you should be a member of the Academic Community, since use of the lab is a direct benefit of joining.

If you hear of others having problems, at least until we get our web pages changed to offer a bit more advice, feel free to cut and paste the following as a kind of troubleshooting and "how to" guide:

---cut here -----

Are you a member of the Academic Community? If so, try clicking this sequence of URLs and let us know here what happens.

(If you are not yet logged in, do so)
Click on "access the lab," which should take you here:

Click on "request access to the Intel Manycore Testing Lab", (a reminder pops up telling you must be a member of the Academic Community to apply), and if you are a member, clicking will take you here:


It's true that to access the Academic Community resources, you must first join the Intel Software Network.

If you are NOT a member of hte Academic Community, here is where to join:


To summarize, you must be a member of the Intel Software Network to join the Academic Community. You must be a member oftheAcademic Community to request accessto the Manycore Testing Lab.

Note that joining ISN and the Academic Communityare both free.

----- cut -----

Reminder:on a few occasions we have discovered members of the Academic Community who have used one specific email address to join ISN, and, a second email address to join the Academic Community. This will confuse our software completely.Please be sure to confirm that the email address you used to join the Academic Community is the same email address that you used to join ISN.

I hope this helps!


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