MTL users at this year's IDF? (Moscone Center, SF, CA)

MTL users at this year's IDF? (Moscone Center, SF, CA)

Hey fellow MTL peeps,

If you're going to be at IDF next week and you've used the MTL or ARE STILL USING IT, let us know! Either reply to this posting or send an email to and let us know. We'd enjoy hooking up withyou to discuss your MTL experience, as well as your suggestions for expansion, etc.

We plan to deliver a Poster presentation by our very own Dr. Clay Breshears on the MTL at IDF.

IDF (Intel Developer Forum)

September 13-15, 2010
Moscone Center West, SF, CA



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I will be at IDF. I enjoyed using the MTL systems in preparing my article for ISN. If my account still is active on the MTL system(s) and if you provide access to MTL from IDF, then for anyone interested, I would be willing sit down with you in between or after sessions and walk through the code.

Jim Dempsey

Your MTL accounts are still active onthe system(s).

If you get a chance please hook up with Dr. Clay Breshears during his poster talk - would be great if you could give firsthand feedback on your experiences using the MTL.


I am meeting with him and Kathy Farrel on Monday (interview), and on Tuesday I have an interview session with Paul Steinberg.

I will have to make sure I take my password. I put my Linux code on a thumb drive, my notebook is running Windows. Haven't signed on using the Windows notebook. Maybe one of the workstations in the lab at IDF will be running Ubuntu which would eliminate uncertainties in signing on.

My only real issue with using MTL was I was stuck using a console window. I couldn't run Eclipse there with the display here. I realize this is a bandwidth issue but it makes debugging harder. I haven't set up a remote debugging session using (Ubuntu) Linux + Eclipse here remotely debugging an app on the MTL log-on server. Something I have done in the past (early 90's) using (uh-um) Windows with Windbg. If someone at MTL could workout a procedure manual (for us dummies) it surly would appreciate it. As it was, I did all my initial testing here, FTP'd the source there, re-compiled using make files, ran on log-in server, if it crashed, scratched my head for a solution, edit here, FTP there, ... Not overly productive from my point of view. With (instructions for) remote debugging we could do all our compiling here, keeping IDE and source files here, FTP executable to MTL log-on server, launch thereand debug here. I think this would be a reasonable compromise. Once app fully debugged on MTL logon server then submit batch for testing on batch system.

Jim Dempsey

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