What are the specifications for the Linux box?

What are the specifications for the Linux box?

I have been searching for the description of the CPUs in the Linux box, including the instruction sets that it supports, but I could not find it. Would someone tell me exactly what CPU it is (I'm guessing Core i7?), and exactly what Streaming SIMD Extensions it supports? I'd also need to know how many XMM, MMX and GP registers there are per core.

A plus would be if anyone could signify whether there's computational GPU(s) on hand that can be accessed, and if so its name, description and what APIs to use to unlock the power within.

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Short answer the MTL consists of 4 socket Intel Xeon X7560 (with 8-cores/16-threads)

See: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=46499 for more details.

As far as GPUs are concerned, there none on the MTL (at this time).

Hi Mike,can you give us some insight on what kind of memory / how many memory channels are used in the system?I was surprised when I noticed that the STREAM benchmark (bound to one CPU for both memory and threads) runs about 1 GB/s slower compare to my local i7.

The MTL is a white-box enterprise server, but the current OEM (QSSC) provides a detailed Technical Product Spec (that matches the white-box configuration)on this page: http://www.qsscit.com/en/01_product/03_download.php?page=10&mid=27&sid=1...

The memory (riser)boardsarepopulated with4GB DDR3 1066 MHz registered DIMMs.

I trust thiswill answer your questions.

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