Flexible lab access times / X10

Flexible lab access times / X10

Hi,we are thinking about using MTL for our shared memory parallel programming class, but there are two questions for which I coudn't find an answer on the website (and the search in the forum didn't work for me either).

  • We run two labs during our class, for which the second one takes more than 2 weeks. The websitehttp://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-manycore-testing-lab-request-access/only allows me select one 2 week slot. What is the appropiate way for me to request access?
  • We are using IBMs X10 language in our class. The compiler / runtime is a static binary and requires java to be available. Should it be possible to use X10 on the MTL? Is it possible to get a short-living account on the MTL for me to just test the X10 samples?


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Request the start date that you need and add a comment in Additional information that you would like an extended duration of x weeks these extended userequests are considered on case-by-case basis,and typically this would not be a problem providing extended access duration (within reason).

We do not provide X10 on the MTL. All requests for apps are considered on a case-by-case basis.

o Is it possible to get a short-living account on the MTL for me to just test the X10 samples?

Yes not a problem - adding a testing account on the MTL for you, would be perfectly acceptable. We want to ensure that the MTL is useful to your students.

To anyone who may be interested in using X10 on the MTL:
It is actually fairly simple. You'll need

Now just extract both the X10 binaries and Java in your home directory. You must set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to your new java installation (and you may want to add X10/bin to your PATH).
That's it. You can now easily compile and run X10 programs on the MTL. The samples included in the X10 binary download should run fine -- at least they did for me.

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