since version 2.6.32 the Linux kernel has a standard interface for accessing hardware performance counters, perf_events. There is already reasonable support for monitoring Intel-specific events
in the newest release of perf_events, and I expect that the complete set of events will be supported soon. The advantage of this interface is the programmability it offers. Some performance analysis tools already rely on it, and in some cases it can be interesting to custom-tailor the monitoring for a specific program, or class of programs (which is not possible with Intel VTune). As such, it would be of great value to have perf_events support on the Intel Manycore Testing Lab as well. As perf_events is the standard interface now, only a kernel upgrade would be needed (preferably to > 2.6.34). Do you plan to do this in the near future?

Thank you!

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Zoltan Majo

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