VPN issue

VPN issue

Hi !

I have some trouble using Cisco Systems VPN Client (Windows) to access the target machine.
Namely, after connecting with target machine the main tools (putty and winscp) work good,
but, as I see, VPN Client blocks all other network applications as ICQ, browsers an so on.

How to workaround this problem if possible ?



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hi, vpn is a system for communications between a external pc and a lan network , so that alone permit protocols as telnet, shared folder, assistant remote, among other services for bussiness and the irc protocols represent a problem in security for the enterprise...

JudLup Luna

VPN is a well known system for communicating with pc and
lane-line network and for that reason, it dont give any permission to other
systems although it permits the assistant remote, telnet and so on. You should
look for your option to overcome this problem.

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