test results+how to connect to the remote desktop??

test results+how to connect to the remote desktop??

hey there,
i was testing a direct application on parallelism, using opnMP directives,
i hace a core 2 duo intel centrino,
my operating system is windows XP,
the code below is used to multiply a sparse matrix to a vector:

#pragma omp parallel for reduction (+:SumOfRowMultiplication,a,cte)
for(a=0; a {
cte = ArrayOfRowIndex[a];
SumOfRowMultiplication = SumOfRowMultiplication + ArrayOfNonZero [cte] *B [ ArrayOfColumnIndex[cte] ];

obviously, the directive "private" would do the job, but for some reason the "reduction" directive gave me better results, a reduce of 5% of the "private directive".
any available explanation????

i have another question, i'm trying to connect to the MTL lab, i've downloaded and set the CISCO VPN client, then when i set the "computer" in the "remote desktop connection", a username and a password were required, i typed the once which the intel MTL gave me, it didn't work...
can some1 plz explain me the steps, one by one?

thank you in advance!
best regards!

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Good news, leb_cs! All the answers to your questions about connecting to the MTL lab are in the Manycore Testing Lab Getting Started Guide, which is usually emailed to you but is also online here in the Academic Community. (The username and password you need for the VPN are listed in there as well; the name/paswd you were sent are for you only, and are for directly connecting to the MTL after you have the VPN connection going.) The step by step instructions for doing what you need are all in there.

In case a copy of the Getting Started Guide was not attached to the email you received that assigned your account names, you can find the Guide easily online. Justgo to the Download Coursewares section of the Academic Community website, click on the Intel Manycore Testing Lab topic, and download the .pdf file.

The step by step for that here:

1. The courseware URL is here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/courseware/
2. Select the Intel Manycore Testing Lab course category
3. Click on Intel Manycore Testing Lab, and follow the directions to download the .pdf file

Of course you have to a be a member of the Intel Academic Community to see these URLs, and of course, you will definitely eventually need the username and passwd that you were assigned to connect to the MTL via ssh once the VPN is setup.

Give it a try! This is all much easier to do than it is to read about. And of course if you have any questions about the content of the Getting Started materials, please post back here right away. (We'd also like to hear once you've succeeded as well!)



I assume you're talking about connecting to the Windows MTL as you mention Remote Desktop connection. That being the case, please send an email to: intel_mtl@intel.com,from your registered MTL email account, and I will respond andwalk you through connecting to the Windows MTL, particularly as your leb_cs name is not known to us as a registered MTL user.

that was helpful!
thank you :)

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