Work with VTune needs additional privilegies?

Work with VTune needs additional privilegies?


I have another problem with tune tools. When i try to use console version of VTune, any command returns next message:

You must have permission to write to the driver in order to proceed. Please ask your system administrator to add you to the user group created during the installation of the VTune Performance Analyzer (vtune,gid=501).

Is this privilege really needed for work? And can you grant this?


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Access granted to Vtune group.

Thanks a lot, Mike, but now i see another error:

The EntireX (aka 'ntd') service, required by VTune Analyzer, is not running. As root, please start the 'ntd' service with the following command: /etc/init.d/ntd restart

`ps aux | grep ntd` command shows that process ntd is active, but it's start time is 1st June...

Don't know why the existing ntd is not working. June 1st was when we restarted the system.

restarted ntd anyway.

Thanks for your help, Mike.

But i do something wrong.

Earlier vtl tells that environment variables VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR and VTUNE_USER_DIR should be defined.
I have created ~/VTune/global and ~/VTune/user directories and export this env variables there. After restarting ntd command vtl tells:



Warning: the following directories are network-mounted:
- global data directory (/home/zaya/VTune/global)
- user data directory (/home/zaya/VTune/user)
This may negatively affect VTune performance!

Note: you may set alternative (non-remote) locations for global and user data directories via VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR and VTUNE_USER_DIR environment variables..

To suppress this warning run the following command:
$ touch /home/zaya/.vtune_hide_
I've executed this command. But when i was created an action program returns next error:

$vtl activity -d 20 -c sampling -c callgraph -app
Error: unable to create environment file "./environment.xml" on acano01 ( [ERROR] unable to open SELI interface
Error: unable to create environment file "./environment.xml" on acano01 ( [ERROR] unable to open SELI interface

In other topics of this forum i read that VTune works with network mounted directories very bad. Maybe cause of this problem is this env variables? What values they should have?


Unfortunately VTune is not listed asa supportedtool on the MTL, and it appears that itwasn't at all functional (at this time).

I have re-installed Vtune and it now appears to be somewhatfunctional (at least it now pops-up with my minimal vnc test of vtlec).

But my initial tests with vtl still indicatethe same .xml error - checking the forums I believe that the version of VTune that we have installed does not support the X7560 processors. I'm checking to see if we can get an update.

Vtune now upgraded to support MTL processors- see my MTL forum posting:

Thanks a lot, Mike! I've changed VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR and VTUNE_USER_DIR to values in the /tmp, and now all works normally.

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