Output files

Output files

Hello, where i can find the output files of my program?I have compiled my code with icc and run it with qsub, but can't see any output file, generated in my code.
Here my qsub script:

#PBS -N myjob
#PBS -l walltime=00:10:00
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/056/lib/ia32/libiomp5.so

and here is my trcejob output
$ tracejob 957.acaad01

Job: 957.acaad01

05/24/2010 03:16:24 L Considering job to run
05/24/2010 03:16:24 S enqueuing into workq, state 1 hop 1
05/24/2010 03:16:24 S Job Queued at request of sene-s02@acano01, owner = sene-s02@acano01, job
name = myjob, queue = workq
05/24/2010 03:16:24 S Job Run at request of Scheduler@acaad01 on exec_vnode (acano02:ncpus=1)
05/24/2010 03:16:27 S Job Modified at request of Scheduler@acaad01
05/24/2010 03:16:27 L Job run
05/24/2010 03:27:16 S Obit received momhop:1 serverhop:1 state:4 substate:42
05/24/2010 03:27:17 S Exit_status=271 resources_used.cpupercent=2871
resources_used.cput=05:46:24 resources_used.mem=31804kb
resources_used.ncpus=1 resources_used.vmem=431088kb

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Have you tried the run your job with a full path definition ?

i.e. instead of ./slae use something like /home/bbsse/slae

Also, how about using #PBS -j oe to get a record of what your job is doing.


Thank's to option of solution, but problem was in small walltime, my program make's output file in the end of program, but walltime smaller then program worktime.
exit_status 271 confirms it

some information about PBS exit codes


knows where can I learn
more in detail about the PBS exit codes?

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