Windows account on the MTL

Windows account on the MTL


I have a question about tools avaliable on the MTL. It states on the MTL homepage that MTL supports two OS: RedHat Linux Enterprise* or Windows* OS. However, in the Getting Started Guide the only OS mentioned is the Linux one. Will there be Windows login access in the future?

Thank you.

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Good point - we do have a Windows MTL set up, but it is basically secondary to the Linux MTL (based on feedback from our academic community) and therefore the resources tend to be a littlemore constrained.

As noted the Getting started guide is only applicable to Linux, A similar document will be sent to folks that request access to the Windows MTL.

The Windows MTL currently consists of a number of 12-core servers and a single 32-core server, that will be scheduled (exclusively) either individually or as a group to requested academic community member(s) for a 2-week duration. Once the duration is completed, the systems will be re-imaged, and all data will be removed. This is very different to the model used for the Linux MTL.

These systems are currently configured with Windows Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2008, Intel Parallel Studio or Intel VTune & Intel Compiler. Access will be available via VPN and Remote Desktop.

Given the constrained limited computingmodel of the Windows MTL, I would encourage folks to request access (noting that they needWindows access)well before theirrequested access period.

Many thanks for the answer, Mike. That's great news.

I have a couple more questions. I'm in group with Yekaterina Zhmud, the winner of the 32 Core Testing Plan contest. I wonder how she (or we) can request access to the Windows MTL and when's the earliest date the access could be granted?

As VS 2008 is installed, I assume .Net Framework of version at least 3.5 is installed as well. Is there .NET 4.0 installed (since it has task parallel library in it)? Or will it be possible to install it manually?

.NET 4.0 has been installed on the Windows MTL.

If you still require access please let Yekaterna Zhmud know and she can directlyrequest access.

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