Who owns the data I upload to the MTL

Who owns the data I upload to the MTL

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Do academic community membersretain ownership of uploaded programs?
Yes 100%, you retain complete ownership of all data that you place on the MTL. It is not shared with anyone including Intel. Further we also know that somecommunity membersmay have such monolithic programs to work on, that they may prefer to use exemplars on theMTL in lieu of actual code, of course, and this is both encouraged and expected.

Who owns the results?

You do - Intel would like toencourage you share your results and your experiences using the MTL with the Intel academic community (via this forum, blogs, papers, etc), to which you are a member.

Are programs deleted after runs?
- No, its your decision and process. After you have completed your analysis, you should delete any sensitive data or programs on the MTL. If and when your account(s) are deleted all your files will be removed, up until that timeyour data is available for YOUR exclusive access and control.
Note1: There is no backup process on the MTL, so you should maintain a copy of your dataelsewhere.
Note2: You may receive an email stating that youmust reduce you disk usage based on any future quota requirements that maybe put in place.
Note3: If you have active student accounts, you should have a TA (for example) manage what the students are able to use or develop in their accounts, as well as cleaning up programs, labs, etc.

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