Sign up for the Beta contest

Sign up for the Beta contest

Design, Implement and Publish Your 32 Core Testing Plan

What could you do if you hada 32-core development environment for a week? Does your code scale? What would happen if youdoubled orquadrupled the threads in your code?

Win a chance to showoff what you can do... Enter ageneral description of the application or classroom sample code you've created using parallel programming, why you'd like to test it in a manycore environment, and what results you'dexpect tosee.This is your chance to validateyour applicationon Intel's latest systems and gain notoriety by publishing yourresultswithIntel.

Anyone may enter, however winners must either beregistered Intel Academic Community members, orstudent teams sponsored by an Academic Community member. Winning entries will be selected by a panel of Intel judges, based on originality, practical application, clarity andtools use.

Five (5)winning teams or individuals will receive an invitation for a week of remote access to Intel's new Many Core Testing Lab, including complimentary use of the Intel software and tools you need tosuccessfully scale and test your application. In addition, Intel will help youcreate a white paper of your experience todocument your success.

It's easy to enter -- CLICK HERE.

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