use of CGS in OOC version of PARDISO

use of CGS in OOC version of PARDISO


I'm wondering if CGS iterative scheme can be applied in OOC version of PARDISO. When I try to use it I get
the following error

Factorization completed ...
The following ERROR was detected:   -11

I use MKL 10.3


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Alan,yes, it the CGS preconditioning should works with OOC mode.-11 error is returned when some problems appear in the process of working with files, e.g. in the case of no space left on device or problems with read / write operations because of algorithm issues.Do you see problem with in-Core mode?What exact update of 10.3 do you use?--Gennady

Gennady, thanks for the reply.

I use latest 10.3.11 version of MKL.

There is no problem when I use in-Core mode.

Alan Dzhioev

How can we check the problem on our side? Could you give us the test? pls use private thread for sharing this example.--Gennady

Yes, we confirmed that this is the problem with PARDISO when CGS preconditioning is used toghrer with OOC mode, the issue is escalated and the status of the problem would be updated into that thread as soon as any news.--Gennady

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