problem with MKL service functions

problem with MKL service functions

MKL_Get_Max_Cpu_Frequency() and MKL_Get_Clocks_Frequency() can not compile using the Intel Compser XE 2011 (not included in mkl_service.h). The problem does not occur for other service functions including MKL_Get_Cpu_Frequency (). Both functions can be compiled only using VS C++.

I do not understand why


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You wrote: "can not compile using the Intel Composer XE 2011 (not included in mkl_service.h)"

Pleasebe surethat MKL environment for Composer XE 2011 was set correctly using mklvars*

In mkl_service.h they are defined as follows (please check):

_Mkl_Api(double,MKL_Get_Max_Cpu_Frequency,(void)) /* get max CPU frequency in GHz */
#define mkl_get_max_cpu_frequency MKL_Get_Max_Cpu_Frequency

_Mkl_Api(double,MKL_Get_Clocks_Frequency,(void)) /* get clocks frequency in GHz */
#define mkl_get_clocks_frequency MKL_Get_Clocks_Frequency

BTW, what API do you use and for what architecture?
I mean, cdecl/stdcall IA32 or Intel64.

-- Victor


Many thanks Victor for your note. Theyhelped me find the right solution.

My VS2010 uses two mkl_service.hin directories: (1) ../ComposerXE-2011/mkl/include/ and (2)../ComposerXE-2001 SP1/mkl/include/.
In my environment settings first is used for Intel compiler and mkl_service.h does not contain max_cpu and clock_freq functions.

I used Intel64 and ia64 API.


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