PARDISO memory limit ?

PARDISO memory limit ?


I am having this error :
MKL-DSS-DSS-Error, Out of memory
while solving a sparse matrix with DSS.

The point is that the machine has huge memory (1 TB of RAM) and a bit smaller problems use only ~40 GB of memory (4%).

So, my question is : is-there a "hard" memory limit within PARDISO (such as 32 GB or 64 GB) ?

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There are no such problems if you are using ILP64 interfaces.what MKL version you are using?how do you link the application?

Thank you so mush for your reactivity and your perfect answer.
This information exist in the "User's guide" but not in the "Reference Manual" and I think it would be judicious to make a reference of this information in the second document in the section error of the padiso's routine.
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