heap corruption on cblas_sgemv in release mode

heap corruption on cblas_sgemv in release mode

Hello everyone,I'm just using MKL for two weeks and I face a strange behavior.My code is running fine in DEBUG but crash in Release. Ok it's a well known pb, but I've checked all macros and coding problem and can't see the light.Here is the function causing the crash on cblas_sgemv, it seems..[cpp]void randperm(float *data, float *trsf, float *bias, int *perm, int m, int n, int k, float *proj) { int i, im, swap, inc = 1; float alpha = 1.0, beta; if (bias) { for (i=0,im=0 ; iperm is allocated before and its size is k elements.data is allocated before and its size is m x n elements.I had a similar behavior in another function in which I was using sgesv_().I replaced with a LAPACKE call : LAPACKE_sgesv() and problem was solved.I know heap corruption are not easy to detect but I'm wondering where is exaclty the heap corruption...Any idea will be appreciated.

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Bruno, can you give the comprehensive example to check on our side?

I've found the issue.I was linking in release mode with different libs than in debug.Building was ok though with no warnings or complaints on unresolved symbols.Everything is Ok now, no pb in cblas functions in my code.

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