SVD memory spike

SVD memory spike

Hi there,

I am using MKL for it SVD functionality in a C++ program. I notice a huge memory spike towards the end of computing the SVD. This is sometimes causing crashes, slowdowns, etc, when swapping occurs.

my code call is the following:
info = LAPACKE_sgesvd(LAPACK_ROW_MAJOR, 'S', 'S', m, n, src, n, s, u, m, vt, n, superb);

My computer is a Dell Precision T7500 with 2 Xeon E5645 CPUs. Hyperthreading is enabled. I have 12 GB system RAM.

My testing dataset is 150x190x1340 (real, single precision), which I "flatten" into 28500x1340. This uses very little memory (perhaps some few hundreds of MB) for most of the computing time for the SVD. However, there is a brief spike to more than 6 GB usage. What is causing this huge spike? Is there some way I can avoid it? It is limiting the data set size that I can use.

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did you check whatmkl_mem_stat( buf) returns in this case?

Excellent, I'm very happy to know about this tool. The problem was elsewhere in my code. Thank you for pointing me to this function.

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