VTune hotspot analysis: LAY16_Loop_M16gas_1?

VTune hotspot analysis: LAY16_Loop_M16gas_1?


I get the following results using the latest VTune and MKL on Linux:

Top Hotspots
Function CPU Time
LAY16_Loop_M16gas_1 1.182s
mkl_blas_dgemm_pst 1.079s
LAX16_N4_Loop_M16gas_1 0.706s
tmatrix::delete_column_with_gap 0.583s
mkl_trans_mkl_domatcopy2_n 0.359s
[Others] 4.426s

I would like to tackle them but I have no idea what these LAY16_Loop_M16gas_1 or LAX16_N4_Loop_M16gas_1 are, or more importantly where they are originating from ...

Can anyone advice?

Thanks in advance,
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These are some internally function calls in the MKL. They look fine to be there.


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