Documentation of mkl_comatadd ( )

Documentation of mkl_comatadd ( )

According to thedocumentation of mkl_comatadd ( ), its arguments are as follows:void mkl_comatadd(char ordering, char transa, char transb, size_t m, size_t n,
MKL_Complex8 *alpha, MKL_Complex8 *A, size_t lda, float *beta, float *B, size_t ldb, MKL_Complex8 *C, size_t ldc);so when I pass alpha and beta as pointers to complex and float, I get errors indicating that both of them should be of type complex and not pointers. So is there a mistake in the documentation ?Thanks

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there are no problem with documantation. please look at the example -MKLROOT\examples\transc\source" comatadd.c

In the example comatadd.c , alpha and beta are indeed defined as complex numbers, not pointers as in the documentation !!

opps, I checked into header file first. Yes, this is doc's issue. We will fix that.

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