what LAPACK version? and latest LAPACK 3.4.0

what LAPACK version? and latest LAPACK 3.4.0


How can I find the LAPACK version implemented in MKL? I need to do lot of work related to QR updates and it turns out that LAPACK 3.4.0 includes very nice coverage of exactly QR updates with functions: DTPQRT, and possibly faster versions of DGEQRF with DGEQRT and DGEQRT3.

If it is not implemented (I can't find it in MKL documentation mklman.pdf) when would it be?

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LAPACK is updated to 3.4.0 in MKL 10.3.10. MKL 10.3.10 will be available to customers by April end.


Sridevi Allam
Technical consulting engineer - Intel MKL

Fantastic news thank you! :)

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