Redirecting Pardiso output messages into a file

Redirecting Pardiso output messages into a file

Dear All,

I'm plugging the Pardiso solver to a finite elements software. As my OS is Windows, I cannot juste redirect the printed output on the screen to a text file. Is there any option to redirect the output messages to a file ?



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Hi,Do you call your example with PARDISO from command prompt or from studio?With best regards,Alexander Kalinkin


I am just wondering if someone has an answer to the question above, posted by Valene. Is there a way to redirect the Pardiso output messages to a different stream? I wrote a C++ program that calls the pardiso solver. The usual trick to redirect cout to something like ostream os is to do:

cout.rdbuf( os.rdbuf()),

but that will not work with pardiso. The output still goes to stdout.

Thank you in advance,


I took a couple of the Pardiso C examples distributed with MKL in the examples/solverc/source directory, opened an Intel-C command window, compiled and ran the program with standard output redirected to a file. Everything worked fine. "valene"'s statement

As my OS is Windows, I cannot just redirect the printed output on the screen to a text file.

is wrong, at least for a standard console mode application. Both stdout and stderr can be redirected to a file in a Windows command window.

Redirecting streams after your program has started is a little trickier, but do you need to take that route? Please present a complete example code showing what the problems are.


Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry it wasn't very clear. What I wanted to say is that I used Pardiso in a dll linked to my code, which has his own output. Of course, as a stand alone application, I could redirect the stream to a file from a windows command window.

I was just comparing to other programs such as Mumps which has an argument to set the stream for the output. I thought maybe it was possible with Pardiso too, in an easy way. 

Thank you again for your reply. Don't bother too much for that.

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