Xcode issue: GDB error message

Xcode issue: GDB error message

To Whom It May Concern,I have an issue with compiling my fortran code under xcode. First of all, the compiling succeeded but when I try to run the code I get the following message:Program received signal: EXC_BAD_ACCESS.

Data Formatters temporarily unavailable, will re-try after a 'continue'. (Cannot call into the loader at present, it is locked.)

I would appreciate any help on that issue.I am running the some code under Intel Fotran for Windows and everything is fine.Does anyone have an idea?I highly appreciate help!Best,WalterI should add:

dyld: Library not loaded: libmkl_intel_lp64.dylib

Referenced from: /Users/Chef/f90/Test/test2/test2/build/Debug/test2

Reason: image not found

sharedlibrary apply-load-rules all

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I could solve the issue by setting the dynamic library path to/Developer/opt/intel/composerve-2011.0.085/compiler/lib/changed the "other link path" to static and gave them the right path:







I also want to mention that this thread is very helpful:



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