application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect

application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect


I am trying to run release exe of my project that uses ipp and mkl libraries on separate mashine ,not where the project had built and am geeting this error (look the thread title)
It have to be told that when I getting out of Intel libraries it runs.
And also I had dowloaded and installed the Redistributable Libraries for 32-bit/64-bit (x64) msi files
on this mashine but it didn't help and then SPIRAL add-on for IPP. Didn't help eather.
I am not interesting to install neather Visual Studio , neather Intel development libraries on this mashine.

Please help me to solve this out.

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Hi Larisa,
I have moved this post over to the Math Kernel Library forum as your question seems more related to this forum than to the vPro Forum. Hopefully, this forum can help answer your problem.

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You may need to install on the machine where you run your application the redistributable files for the MS Visual Studio that you use to build your application.
You should be able to download this redistributable files from the MS web site.

Hi Larisa,

You canuse an MSutility Depends.exe from Platform SDK ( older versions \ always in Bin folder) in order to see all dependenciesfor your release application.

Some versions of MS Visual Studios also could have Depends.exe ( ..\CommonX\Tools\Bin folder ).

Theutility is very helpfull in cases like yours,has UI, and allows to see all dependent DLLs.

Let me know if you don't have Depends.exein your VS installation.

Best regards,

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