1D MKL FFTW 64bits intel compiler MacOs

1D MKL FFTW 64bits intel compiler MacOs

Hi guys,

this message is to communicate that I solved a problem with MKL FFTW (version 2) and Intel compiler on MacOs 10.6 Snow Leopard. When using the 64 bits fortran wrapper FFTW to perform complex one domensional FFT transform you must use the following string to create a plane:

call fftwnd_f77_create_plan(planf,1,ngpt,FFTW_FORWARD,FFTW_ESTIMATE+FFTW_IN_PLACE)


planf=name of the plane for FFT
ngpt=number of point in the vector to FFT trasform
1=number of dimension

otherwise you will not be able to FFT stransform you dataset.

In the 32 bits version of the FFTW library you may also avoid to insert 1 after the plan variable in case of one dimensional FFT transform.

have a nice day!


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Thanks for sharing such information.

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