MKL ERROR: Parameter 1 was incorrect on entry to vsl_VSL_INTERFACE_NA

MKL ERROR: Parameter 1 was incorrect on entry to vsl_VSL_INTERFACE_NA

Hi,I am getting the following error when I use the MKL VSL and print something to a console.MKL ERROR: Parameter 1 was incorrect on entry to vsl_VSL_INTERFACE_NAIs there any way to disable this? Read about the xerbla, but not very clear about how to use it.Can you please guide?Thanks,Sanhita

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Can you give us the example of the code to check what's going wrong?

Hi Sanhita,
This status returned by the functionindicatesan error in the initialization of Intel MKL VSL function you call in your code. It makes sense to root-cause the reason of this status asits disabling would not help you to continue the computations in the correct way.
Please, provide some hints about this use of the MKL routine (how you call it, which parameters you pass into the function etc);or,as Gennady suggests, please provide the short test case that demonstrates the issue with short description of your environment (OS, CPU, compiler, mode, link line etc).

Hi Gennady and Andrey,Thanks for your prompt response. The issue seems to be resolved.I got to the root of this. I would like to share this.I was using the function vslSaveStreamF(const VSLStreamStatePtr, const char*) to save the stream state to some user temp file, but the second argument was not set to NULL when there is no file path specified in certain cases. It considered the const char * argument as a bad pointer and hence threw the mentioned error. Basically the error code returned by vslSaveStreamF was -3 which stands for "VSL_RNG_ERROR_BAD_STREAM" which I then found in one of your documentations.The issue is resolved by checking if the file name is present or not and setting the character pointer to NULL before calling the vslsaveStreamF function of the MKL.Thanks,Sanhita

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