Any problems with MKL 10.2 Update 5 and Core(TM) i7?

Any problems with MKL 10.2 Update 5 and Core(TM) i7?

We have a user with a new laptop with the following CPU.

Intel Core i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30GHz

He is having some problems which appear identical to a problem(*) we have before with VML misidentifying the CPU and causing an exception.

Any known issues with the Core i7 and MKL 10.2????

(*) this was a premier support issue with a Intel Core2 Duo CPU U7300.

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Andrew, we had some problems some time ago. See this thread here. This problem has beenfixed in the version 10.2 Update 5.--Gennady

Unfortunately the version of MKL that is causing the problem is as below.....

MKL Version:Intel Math Kernel Library Version 10.2.6 Product Build 20100728 for Intel 64 architecture applications

If I update the user to MKL 10.3.4 the problem goes away.

in that case there are no idea what the cause of this problem is. Is it possible to give us the example of the code to check it on our side?

Can you loan me a new Core i7 laptop?
Seriously, though, this problem shows the identical symptoms to that I found in an earlier 10.2 release with the other Core 2 Duo version. It was VDSQRT() from memory. And the explanation was MKL vectoring to the wrong code as the CPU was misidentified.

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