banded sparse matrix symmetric

banded sparse matrix symmetric

hi everyone,I am trying to solve abanded sparse matrix symmetric (you can see it in the attachment).Do you know if there is some lapack or blas libriries in fortra 90\\95 to solve it?thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi,You could solve you problem using LAPACK functionality (lu decomposition for example)if you set your matrix in banded format or by PARDISO functionality if you set it in sparse format.With best regards,Alexander Kalinkin

hi,thank you very muchas you can see from the attacment my matrix is both symmetric and sparse, what do you suggest? any subs?thanks

you can convert this matrix to the sparse representation of the CSR format ( e.g. You can usemkl_?dnscsrroutine for that) and then use PARDISO routine for solving this system./gf

hi,I have seen that my matrix is also symmetric and banded, moreover I could have a large number of cell.Do yoy think that there is some libraries in mkl (lapack..) to solve the system with theConjugate Gradient Method?Thanks a lot

Hi,Actually, CG is combination of matrix-vector multiplication and scalar product of two vectors so it could be realized by several call to BLAS routines. But why you want to solve your system by CG? Why you don't want to use direct LAPACK or PARDISO solvers?With best regards,Alexander Kalinkin

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