Are the Iterative Sparse Solvers parallelled?

Are the Iterative Sparse Solvers parallelled?

Hi allI have a question about the Preconditioned Iterative Solver, such as combining ILUT and FGMRES for non-symmetric matrix.Is it parallelled by OpenMP in the MKL version 10.3?Such as the direct solver PARDISO, it is said "a speedup of up to seven using eight processors has been observed."Thanks very much!Kevin

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Currently, the ILUT and FGMRES preconditioners are not multi-threaded into the current version (10.3) of MKL.There are Feature Requests submitted earlier. We are working on these issues.--Gennady

GennadyThanks a lot!Right now my solver is too slow for non-linear equation, I think I have to develop my own parallel solver!Kevin

Hi, I wonder if the sparse iterative solver is parallelized in the lastest version of MKL 11.0? Is it still inder development? Thanks a lot! 

Hi yanpu,

Currently MKL support only sequential version of FGMRES. But this solver implemented as RCI routines so multiplication on matrix A and preconditioner can be implemented via parallel version of routines - SparseBlas, Blas, Lapack or Pardiso functionality.

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Alexander Kalinkin 

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