0-based CSR Format (3-Array Variation) with PARDISO

0-based CSR Format (3-Array Variation) with PARDISO


I'd like to be able to use 0-based sparse matrix format when solving sparse systems with PARDISO. MKL docummentation mentions that sparse routines work with either 0- or 1-based formats, but PARDISO interface says otherwise. Is this possible?



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Daniel,what do you mean by that?"PARDISO interface says otherwise".set iparm[34] == 1and use C-Ctyle indexing for ia and ja arrays.--Gennady

This is not mentioned in the documentation for my MKL (

From mklman.pdf page 2540: "Note that the row and columns numbers start from 1."

Ok, I see. that's right. MKL's PARDISO started to supportzero-based (C-style) array indexing since 10.3.You can participate 10.3 beta version program here.You can find there the example "pardiso_sym_0_based.c" which shows how to call PARDISO with these arrays.--Gennady

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