Windows makefile for Using Pardiso

Windows makefile for Using Pardiso

Hello, I am trying to use Pardiso to solve my FEM program. My makefile is shown below

SET MKL_LIB="C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Compiler\\11.1\\067\\mkl\\em64t\\lib"
SET MKL_INC="C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Compiler\\11.1\\067\\mkl\\include"
ifort /o main.exe main.obj creep.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbinpta.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbstiff.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbupdate.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbsolver.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbloads.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbauxil.lib ^
shared1.d\\lbutilit.lib ^
shared1.d\\libarpack_WIN.lib /I%MKL_INC%^
%MKL_LIB%\\mkl_solver_lp64.lib %MKL_LIB%\\mkl_intel_lp64.lib ^
%MKL_LIB%\\mkl_intel_thread.lib %MKL_LIB%\\mkl_core.lib

In this present from I am getting a lot of unresolved symbols from the Pardiso part. Please guide me in making a proper makefile for Windows for solving this problem. Thanks in advance

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Hello,Could you please look at the Linker Adviser. You can find the list of libraries you need to use while linking.if it will not help, then we will make the proper makefile.--Gennady

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