Where can I find more PARDISO examples?

Where can I find more PARDISO examples?

PARDISO reference manual gave a nice and simple example. But since the interface covers so many variables and different applications, I wonder where I can find additional examples (especially helpful if the examples are verified by the Intel team, as I am sure they must have tested hundreds of examples of different natures for this interface), or maybe the Intel team would be kind enough to provide some of their testing examples? Examples with multiple r.h.s. and inverse of a matrix would be especially helpful. Thanks a lot for any ideas. (I am working on Fortran, btw).

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Please look some bundle of examples into \examples\solver\source\ directory...Would it be enough?--Gennady

I found there are only TWO Pardiso examples in the directory as your mentioned. One for symmetric matrix and the other for unsymmetric matrix. Both examples are included in the reference manual. Do you have any other Pardiso examples on setting up multiple r.h.s. (say I have m rhs, do I need to set up the b and xas (n,m) 2d matrices or (n*m) 1d arrays?), or an small example on doing matrix inversion with Pardiso? Thanks a lot .

We have no such examples.--Gennady

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