who calls mkl_progress()?

who calls mkl_progress()?

I find in the MKL documentation:

The progress function mkl_progress is regularly called from some LAPACK and DSS/PARDISOfunctions during the computation. Refer to a specific LAPACK or DSS/PARDISO functiondescription to see whether the function supports this feature or not.

But a search of the MKL Manual doesn't reveal any mention ofmkl_progress() in the reference documentation for LAPACK routines. Where can I find information about this?


-John Weeks

WaveMetrics, Inc.

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Hi John,

Take a look at our online reference manual. If you do a search for "progress" (not "mkl_progress" as I wrote the first time : ) ... ) you see the following functions come up: ?gbtrf, ?getrf, ?hetrf, ?hptrf, ?pbtrf, ?potrf, ?pptrf, ?sptrf, ?sytrf, ?gelqf, ?geqrf, ?gerqf, and teh direct sparse solver (both PARDISO and DSS interfaces of course).

Each of these functions has a little blurb:

This routine supports the Progress Routine feature.


Thanks, Todd.Now that I know to search on "progress" and not "mkl_progress" I can find it in the PDF manual that comes with MKL.-John

Sure. After reading the mkl_progress() description in the manual, a search for "mkl_progress" is the most natural thing in the world. I asked the documentation team to add that to the note so its easier to find.


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