Building and using a custom dll (

Building and using a custom dll (


I understood that I could build my own dll (call it custom dll).  I'm using MKL version 10.3, update 11.  As a test I'm using nmake like this:

nmake dllia32 buf_lib= export=CustomMKLFunctionList.txt name=CustomMKL

It makes CustomMKL.dll and CustomMKL.lib just fine.

I try to use it in my test app (test.exe) which is run on a computer without MKL installed.  When I do, I get this error:

"mkl_intel_thread.dll is missing" ...

It finds my custom dll just fine.  I thought that one of the main points of building a custom dll is that everything I'd need is in my custom dll, but apparently not.  Anybody have experience here?  What Intel dll's do I need once I build my custom dll?

Thanks for any help

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Andrew, you can build two kind of custom DLLs: from static libs (lib32 and libintel64 targets for nmake) and from dynamic libs (dllia32 and dllintel64 targets for nmake). In first case you will receive independend on MKL your own DLL. In second - you DLL will depend on MKL DLLs.Andrey

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