trouble with descinit_(...)

trouble with descinit_(...)

I'm trying to use descinit function. (I use c compiler)
I think there is no error in syntax but it doesn't work.
The code is like this.

izero = 0;
Cblacs_get(0, 0, &ictxt);
Cblacs_gridinit(&ictxt, "R", nprow, npcol);
Cblacs_gridinfo(ictxt, &nprow, &npcol, &myrow, &mycol);

locr = numroc_(&np, &MB_, &myrow, &izero, &nprow);
locc = numroc_(&np, &NB_, &mycol, &izero, &npcol);

descinit_(desca, &np, &np, &MB_, &NB_, &izero, &izero,
&ictxt, &maxa, &info);

if (ProcID == 0) printf("%d %d %d %d %d %d %d\n",nprow,npcol,myrow,mycol,locr,locc,izero);

The error message is "{ 0, 0}: On entry to DESCINIT parameter number 6 had an illegal value".
Each processor shows the message above.

Could you give me some advice?
Thanks in advance.

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According to the examples, nprow (and other parameters) must be set to suitable values. descinit is documented as presenting the error message when "paramater 6" >= nprow.

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