The biggest problem size which 32bit pardiso/DSS can solving

The biggest problem size which 32bit pardiso/DSS can solving

We received mulitply inputs from our users about the pardiso (incore or OOC)/DSS crashed when solve a big task. Here is article to discuss it.

For example, let us notethat 32bit Pardiso OOC solver cannot solves problems with more than 2000*10^6 double nonzero elements of L factors, because of 32bit counters inside 32-bit PARDISO.

The main cause is because there are 2Gb memory limiation for any 32bit application.

I'd like to ask you share which is biggest problem size you have known that pardiso/DSS can solved. So we mayshare experience with other.

Here is the latest one I'm working on
Matrix Size N=511428, Rhs=1 and no-zeor element is 35836906, symmetry.
Intel fortran compiler 11.0+ DSS, OOC in MKL on windows XP 32bit, Core 2 CPU 6400, 2.13GHz, 5 GB RAM, 100G Harddisk.


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Hi Ying,

I am a beginner of the MKL. And I just revised the DSS example to solve a 78*78 sparse matrix. But it seems that DSS could not work.

Please find the attached codes. Could you help me to fix this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.




Downloadapplication/octet-stream dss_Un_0.f34.81 KB

Hi Tianyu,

I believe you have gotten the answer from Alexander  and Gennedy.

Best Regards,



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