mkl_c.lib missing, can you help?

mkl_c.lib missing, can you help?

The last time we received a lot of typical customer's requests, like:

I've installed the newest MKL library and am linking it in Visual C++ but the mkl_c.lib is missing in the new install. The file is there in my previous version I need to link that library to be able to use the math functions or
My download of 10.2.1 was missing MKL_C.lib in the ia32 lib directory. Can you help me? or

libmkl_em64t.a seems to be missing from version ...

That's because of compatibility libraries ( also known as dummy libraries ) have been removed from Intel MKL v.10.2. see the list of these libraries.

What you need to do in this case?

- see the article for those who still want to use dummy libraries


- use the article to see what libraries recommended for your case and

- relink your application accordingly these recommendations


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