What happened to ?lazq3 and ?lazq4 ??

What happened to ?lazq3 and ?lazq4 ??

According to the on-line MKL documentation, the symbols ?lazq3 and ?lazq4 are supposed to be "declared in mkl_lapack.fi for FORTRAN 77 interface and in mkl_lapack.h for C interface" but they are not in either file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Compiler\11.1\046\include" directory. The ?lasq? versions are there, but those functionsare not thread safe and are supposed to be deprecated. Does anyone know what happened to the ?lazq3 and ?lazq4 functions?
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Hi Derek,

Sorry for missing the thread. Hope you have gotten the answer:  The routine ?lazq3 and ?lazq4 are designed as lasq*'s replacements for thread-safe. After mkl 10.2, we add parameter to lasq3 and lasq4 function to keep them thread-safe, so removed the two redundant functions. You can use the lasq3 and lasq4 directly.

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