'Professional' Compiler users need to able to download MKL separately!

'Professional' Compiler users need to able to download MKL separately!

I purchased the C++ and Fortran Professional licenses after years of buying MKL and the compilers separately. It is incredibly annoying that although I am licensed to use MKL I cannot download MKL separately. It is totally unclear what patch update of MKL is in any particular 11.1 Professional version. If a MKL patch is released I then have to wait until the 11.1 professional version that includes that patch is released, download a huge 600MB archive.

I am licensed to use MKL, I should be able to download it from the registration center separately!

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you've noticed that the latest version of Intel MKL (10.2 Update 1) is now available in the version 11.1 Update 1 of the compiler professional editions. You can login to the Intel registration center to find the latest. We hope to minimize the wait for MKL updatesto be available in the compiler professional edition.

You can refer to this article in our knowledgebase to find which versions of Intel MKL (or other components) are included with each update to the compiler.

Finally, we're consideringfuture improvements toour download and install software that would allow you to pick only the components you need.

Hope this helps,

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