Searching Intel MKL forum and subscribing posts.

Searching Intel MKL forum and subscribing posts.

Intel MKL Forum is a good place to share your experience, ask questions, and provide feedback on IPP product. The following ways may help you to use the forum more efficiently.

1> Searchingforum and knowledge base

You can use search box at right to search Intelthe Forums and Knowledge baseand find the resources . The forum allows you to search a growing archive of technical questions. If an answer can't be found in Search, you can ask a new question.

Click the search box

Input your key word for your questions:

2> Booking RSS feed onMKL forum

You want to quickly browse Intel IPP forum posts. One of the ways is to add IPP forum feed into your RSS reader.
Click the RSS feed icon in the IPP forum, and check the RSS feed for Intel IPP forum:

3> Using private communication

Intel IPP forum provide a private communication channel between IPP support engineer and forum users. If you have some information that does not want to be public (e.g, the serial number, some source code), you can ask a private communication withthe support engineers. The private communication content will not publish to the forum users.

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