Linking problem, OMP Error #15

Linking problem, OMP Error #15


So I've managed to create .dlls (plug-ins) that staticly link to MKL, using mkl_c.lib, mkl_core.lib and libomp5mt.lib (or libguide.lib) in VC2005.

This works fine as long as a hosting application loads only one of these .dlls. But as soon as a second .dll is loaded, things go weird with this message popping up: "OMP: Error #15: initializing libiomp5mt.lib, but found libiomp5mt.lib already initialized [...]".

Does that mean that MKL can not be used with static linking for plug-in environments that may load multiple exectuables that staticly link to it?

Is there a combination of static libs that I can link to that do not interfere with each other?


;) Urs

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Could you please link with dynamic treading library libiomp5md.lib instead of static you used.


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